Friday, July 31, 2009

Finally Friday and VACATION!!!!

We have had a busy and eventful week at the Shaner house. First things first we got rid of the Chevy Tahoe which I really did love, except for the gas and got.......a 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid.....YEAH>>>>>the suv is loaded with all the bells and whistles and gets sooooooooo much better gas mileage, just in time for our drive to the BEACH!!!!! So as of today, the Tahoe is sold and the Highlander is mine and partially packed to leave tomorrow am :)
Wednesday I had a root canal.....yuck. It is not too bad but still really sore :( and it was really expensive, they at least had 12 month financing.
It has been very stormy this week, crazy thunder storms in the afternoon and evening. The grass grew like crazy, Z mowed it this am and washed the dog so he could go to teen night at the sports center tonight. Great to have the help!!!!
The kids and I are so ready to get to the beach and relax.....Daddy is really busy and may join us for a bit at the end of the week but we shall see. We will miss him but that is the way things just are.
The dogs are good, glad to be in the house when the weather hits but Meadow especially likes the mud.
Z and I have bonded over the Braves some more and are a bit stressed they lost 2 to the Marlins with questionable umpires, but hey the rocked last night and hopefully can pull some out at home before heading west.
So, I guess I need to get off the blogging and get some more things done for the trip tomorrow.
Hopefully the next post can include pics of the boys at the beach:)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Suddenly Sunday

I can't believe how fast the summer is going and for that matter that Z said he is ready to go back to school.......he misses the social part, not the work........we had a pretty relaxing weekend, saw the movie G-Force (in my opinion time I will never get back, but T liked it), and the boys hung out with Dawson next door and played games and outside. The dogs enjoyed having their pool (yes, they have their own baby pool) filled up since it was hot this weekend. I got the grass mowed, and cleaned and bought some more stuff for back to school. I hope to find a new car this week to save on gas and avoid having to buy new tires and sink some money in the car I have.

I also have Stellan heavy on my mind and also Kate and her cancer battle. It is hard to think of those families going through these situations and it makes me stop and appreciate my family more.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rainy Days and Thursdays.....

We have spent the afternoon trying to keep the dogs out of the downpours.....somehow Meadow gets muddy everytime she goes out!!!!! The rain has been welcome. Thunderstorms are part of a southern for the fun of mowing the grass this weekend:)
We finally have our internet and cable and phone all changed and the printer working so now I feel connected again. I got totally frustrated talking to the help???? desk and when I finally talked to someone I could understand I was in melt down mode....but that got me an appointment at no charge that same day!!!!!!
The boys have had fun going to a baseball hitting and exercise camp this week, my 12 yr old has now been trained on the cardio equipment at the gym and is trying it out.....we learn about the weights on Sat.
We head to the beach in a week and will be gone for a week and then it will be back to work....good and bad.....ready to start getting a regular pay check again but not ready for homework and schedules.....
I realize how much I love my kids...we all have "penguin" names.....Mort, Rico and I am Marlene.....the Braves have been winning so I actually am able to talk to my 12 yr old about something relevant...too bad they lost today but there is always tomorrow 10 yr old has a crazy imagination and when he is just with me is still my little boy...
it is raining AGAIN!!!!!! guess it is time to wind down and get ready to sleep...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Hot, Humid and Where is the rain???

Happy Friday!!!! Well the guy came to change the cable and Internet and I am behind the 8 ball figuring how to do everything all over again. I at least have the Internet on my laptop but can't figure out how to get the kids computer working.....I guess Z can survive the weekend with no net. The next dilemma is figuring out if we get the Braves game tonight (or any night they play on Peachtree TV) Z is very disappointed but maybe we will have luck when I check at game time......too many stations and not the one I want....
At least we have feels so yucky outside..we had just enough rain to make things worse than they were this am (if that was possible)
Hope the other two are having fun camping:)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Off Camping

T and Daddy left today to go camp until Sunday.....when Z and Daddy went on this same trip they had crazy thunderstorms...guess what is in the forecast again :) they should have fun anyway......
the rest of the day has been pretty relaxing....getting some shopping and errands done...and car shopping(that part was not relaxing)...grrrr....trying to get a vehicle that gets better mileage and is a bit smaller, they are trying to not give me good money on my trade in so double the saga will continue.....I'll give a couple other places a shot on a better trade in.
I was in line with Z today and he is so close to being as tall as I am. I figure by at least his birthday on Oct. he will pass me, especially as much as he has been eating, must be a growth spurt. I look at him and think of the ER Dr who said I would miscarry him at around 8 weeks I would love to find him now.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Here is the attempt at Mcklinky...................

My attempt at pics...............

Hey, it are some pics of the boys Monday night while watching the Home Run Derby....... The dogs were happy to be inside and playing...this is Meadow, Fenway is somewhere, probably trying to find the cat! Meadow loves this football shaped squeaks so she is not allowed to have it at night....that and with her chewing she would probably eat it!

Monday, July 13, 2009

What A Learning Curve

This blogging thing is a wee bit challenging, but with the help of my savy 12 year old and the blessing of time as I am a teacher off for the summer I am figuring this our bit by the next challenge is figuring out how to post pics......

Now to figure out what to buy to wear to my HS reunion the Sat.....don't want to think about the number but maybe how good we look for our age........should be interesting but I'll treat myself to a pedicure and new outfit to celebrate the day.

Now off to chase the boys off the wii so they don't have brain rot.........

Not Me Monday

I did not take down the ugly light fuxture in the dining room that my husband said to leave alone to spray paint black. I also did not scream when I was sweeping and found a mouse and get my husband to dispose of it as he was laughing. I did not make my children do a page in their summer workbooks on the WEEKEND.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Silly Sons on a Sunday

A non baseball was strange not to be at the ball park......
We got some things done around the house...pressure washed the deck, tried to find all the damage the chewy dogs have done and all the treasures they have left all over the yard :)
Now if we could find the secret point of entry that mice have found ( I don't appreciate that surprise) so we can fix it and then I want to persuade my hubbie that spray painting the ugly light fixture in the dining room would be worth a try (he has all day training this week so maybe he won't notice if I do it myself).
This summer is going by fast!!!!! Not sure I am ready for it to be gone....
Timmy and Daddy have a scout camp out Thurs-Sun and I have my HS renunion (not really wanting to think about the number)
Now if the boys friends willl get back in town so they don't kill each other life would be better.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A somewhat rainy Thursday :) We need the rain but it should make baseball camp a bit interesting for Zac. He has had a good week at camp and gotten some tips on how to be a better player. The boys and Daddy went out in the yard last night and hit a tennis ball, playing their version of 3 person baseball. The boy had a blast and so did Daddy.
I have been trying to go through drawers in the house and organize all the stuff we have so we can actually find what we need when we need it :)
Timmy has just been hanging around the house, his buddies are not here this week and he has not wanted to get up to go to camp with Daddy.....he hid out yesterday so I would think he was at camp (ha ha ha) I did not find that to funny but tricky.
So here we are, July 9 and summer seems to be going fast.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Bat Comes to Life

A good weekend of baseball, though the team went 1-3.......we really could have won 2 of those losses, but a few big hits did us in. The good news is that Zac's bat has finally come to life. He got 3 rbi's, hit by pitch and struck out and had a weird play with contact but an out. Now if we could just work on out speed :) It is so fun as the mom to see him play well. Also, neat because he has earned this chance by getting better!!!!!
We had a great picnic with the team on the 4th, along with fireworks.....good to be together in a nonbaseball situation. Now to get ready for the week.....Zac has baseball camp and Timmy should go with his dad to camp on a few days.

Friday, July 3, 2009


We are getting ready for a weekend of baseball, cookouts and more baseball:) The joys of tournament ball!!!

The good news is I am making progress on all the fun little "fix it" things around the house now that school is out. I found tab top curtains on sale at Lowes :) Yeah $7.99 for a panel, so now all my curtain rods now have cutains, lets see if my husband even notices. I do need to get him to fix the door to the attic so it does not fall in:)