Saturday, November 28, 2009

Where Have We Been

Boy, it had been too long since I last posted......lets see what has been going on.....Zac finished up fall baseball, all in all a good season, worked our way into starting and up in the batting order. Zac is a smart batter, getting walks, hits and rarely swinging at bad pitches and one of the best things is a good attitude even when the umps are calling crazy. Timmy also finished up baseball and had fun even though the team wasn't the best. We also started out journey of the orthodontist by getting an expander to widen our upper jaw....grrrr....I leave that job to Daddy. School is OK, Zac made honor roll and Timmy forgot to turn in work....ugh. So we decided to take a break from sports to hopefully get our school life in better order. Zac is trying out for the middle school team and if he makes it he will play. The boys are getting back into scouts now that there are no baseball conflicts. It is so frustrating that the kids can do the work and just don't get it in. I get making a bad grade because you don't understand but not because you didn't turn it in. My friend of teen age boys assure me this is normal and will soon pass...that helps but it is sooooo frustrating to me.
The dogs are driving me crazy as well as the cat, but hey who would know that after we rescued 2 dogs the drought would end and our back yard would turn into a mud least Zac will help me bath them and I bought a steam cleaner to save the carpets. They are fun when the weather cooperates :0
We spent Thanksgiving with Grandmama and the Foster family ate the Pines...good food and nice to be with family. Hard to believe how fast time is flying. I am looking forward to a break for Christmas to hopefully get some things done around the house and get things back on track on many fronts.