Sunday, November 27, 2011

Life is hard

I thought by now things would be more stable, but not so much. This summer was a time of bleeding money with a new roof, garage door, opener and to top it off new ac. Meanwhile, other was very inconsistent with money and spending time with the boys. Recently he has been better, which is good for them. My new school is wonderful which is the best thing going since my emotional stuff is all over the place. After many dud dates I am very alone. My best friend is no longer and my heart is broken. I never thought that this would happen with this friendship. He said he would be there and he has been checked out since my birthday......i gave part of my heart and took the risk and it hurts. No goodbyes, no anything except nothing.......and the holidays are here and I have no money, and a broken heart.
I thought maybe there was hope but then nada and the only one who is interested can't spell and is not gainfully employed. I have no luck.
I try to be positive but it is hard being in this spot.
My boys are good and that is what matters.