Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where hads the time gone????

Things have been so crazy with school, baseball, homework, and life in general. The boys are doing well in school except for a few hiccups here and there when they forget to turn in work or do ALL the homework they have :0
Baseball has gone pretty well for Z, we seem to play most weekends, he did go camping one weekend and got to go to an elk farm and see elk. He said he had fun...even though he missed baseball. T's team is a work in progress, though they seem to have fun, they aren't the most accurate ball throwers which leads to numerous errors and lots of runs for the other team.
My job in busy with all the demands put on us by the administration and all the testing we have to do, even for 1st graders.....then taking the time to enter the data....grrrrrrrr....the kids in the class are pretty good, but it is a shame not to get to know them like I would like to with all the extra work we have to do.
October will continue to be hectic with the boys birthdays and more baseball. The weather has finally turned fall like :) I love love love this ac or heat needed.
At Z's last checkup he was 5'5'' and weighed 110...I can't believe it......probably by Christmas he will be as tall as me. T still is skinny skinny and gets on the scale and says how many pounds he has gained...probably the only one who gets excited about that.
Flu and virus' are going around like crazy, T ran a fever for 21/2 days but no flu or strep....he and I both got flu shots this weekend to try to avoid some of the problems......