Saturday, August 22, 2009

We r still here...i think....

Well, we are definitely back to out busy lives......T started school on the 19th.....I went back the 13th for training and Z starts back the 25th......the boys are definitely ready...T is at a new school away from mommy for the first time....he is ok with that but I will miss him :(
to show what a small world it is his French teacher and I taught together 14 years ago in Atlanta...this in the same week that a student I had in 99-00 found me on facebook....she is a jr in college and in AK.....CRAZY. Z is definitely ready to go back and be social and baseball has started up again. T plans on playing to so guess where I will spend my time.......maybe I need a wireless card for practice????????
my mom has helped out this week taking the kids out to lunch so they are not stuck here all day while Daddy and I work......
T got a referal to the orthodontist ($$$$$$$) and needs an expander and then braces later on....I feel like I am bleeding money.....we put off the appointment for all the drama until late Sept/Oct so we can get our schedules in sync a bit before we add to the chaos......
My whole point of blogging was to keep up with things better and that is working not so well. I have done nothing with my beach pic and my mom and friend have sent me pic to look at and I not gotten to that yet...can I go on vacation by myself to get something done??????
I'll try to be better.................

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Back to life, back to reality

T...the next Tiger????????

Z and L

All the kids at the tree:)

GRRRRR We had to leave the beach today and come home to our real life....not ready at all......but all good things must come to an end, I guess we would not appreciate the beach of we lived in vacation mode every day...
we had a GREAT week, from the deer to mini golf (mom and aunt broocks were so glad they had adult beverages) and lots of time at the water and peaceful walks on the beach.... it was also fun to see our childhood friends and their children, Z especially loved the twins who will be 3 in Oct. he is trying to make Lucy a Braves fan to the shock of her Mets loving family...he at least got as far as teaching her the logo :)

T and his cousin B had mostly good moments together, they are almost 11 and 7 and have lots in common (there brains think in crazy fun ways so they get along great).
So now we are home and getting ready to start school and work again......

Monday, August 3, 2009

Marvelous Monday at the Beach (with a deer suprise)

Look what we saw after dinner when we went to the beach!!!! They were walking and eating on the sand dunes and walking under the walkways!

We had a great day at the beach and a dinner fixed by Z.....yummy frozen pizza, but hey mom didn't have to cook :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Finally the Beach

We had a good trip down to the beach and have already enjoyed the water. The boys LOVE the beach, swimming and playing in the sand...t asked why is pizza called pizza. why is water called water and why are words, words????? too funny, deep thought while making a sand to love it. T also helped make breakfast this am.......yummy rolls.......and of course bacon :) now hopefully before too long we will head down to the beach :)
The beach was FANTASTIC...the boys played in the surf, especially the fun tidal pool and T, as usual dug in the sand.....had a discussion with another boys about global warming and its impact on the beach...the other kid said there was no such thing and T said "yes there is"
we came up to eat just in time as the rain started and the thunder is rolling....perfect for chilling and glad we are here