Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break

Well, we had a much deserved break from school and work for 6 days. The boys and I went to Atlanta to catch 2 Braves games, both wins :) The boys were extra excited to get balls at batting practice Wednesday and then get them signed by Brian McCann, the Braves catcher. We all got to see Jason Heyward's first major league home run on his first swing at his first at bat. IT was WILD!!!!!
We stayed at my friends condo so we also got to enjoy the pool, though the pollen was totally outrageous, especially for mom. It was so nice to be in the company of adults and to have the work spread out, IE I was not totally responsible for everything. It was so nice.....and hard to leave that and come back to the reality of me doing all the heavy lifting. So I am adjusting back to being alone and getting everyone ready for the week back and the 4th quarter of school. We have 43 days left and then SUMMMER!!!!
The boys seem to do doing OK all things considered, though I think they miss male company. They enjoyed Dave throwing the ball with them Monday. I know I miss adult company. I talked with a friend who is a widow and it really helped since though our situations are different there are some things that are similar. It is just a wild ride at times.
School is still a struggle to get all things done, and turned on time and the goal for the new quarter is to do better at this. Also, telling the truth instead of making up stuff or not really getting at what really happens. I am trying to get them to see that the truth, though not fun is better than me finding out later that that was not the case.
So we go one and try to make the best out of what we are given.
Hopefully, this week will go well and we will get the games in for baseball and school will go well.

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